Knowing My Nightmares

If things get too scary you can always wake up

Knowing My Nightmares is a thrilling horror story podcast where each episode is based on the hosts actual nightmares. Listen as the host Charlie Conlon describes his horrifying dreams filled with monsters and cryptids through compelling audio design. Then listen as he breaks down the dreams, and talks about the monsters within them.

I've been having terrifying nightmares my whole life and always wondered what the meaning behind them could be. Reoccurring dreams and sleep paralysis have always fascinated me and surprisingly a lot of other people as well. I started to look into dream lore, and dream analysis finding it to be very informative and interesting. As a fan of horror movies, ghost stories, and topics about the supernatural, I looked at these nightmares as scary stories I should share with others who like all things spooky too. I decided to present these nightmares as full stories and connect them with the dream lore.  Everyone knows your teeth falling out in a dream means your stressed but what about when a Banshee is haunting you, or what if you're trapped in a flooded house?  Everyone dreams and no one really knows why, I'd like to find out at least some reasons why we could be dreaming certain things and what our nightmares could be saying about ourselves and our waking life. If things get to scary you can always wake up.
Knowing My Nightmares S2-04: Bigfoot

The infamous cryptid Bigfoot is more dangerous than people believe. Especially if you go looking for him.

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Knowing My Nightmares S2-03: Haunting Season's The Ohno Man

Josh Bragg from the storytelling Youtube channel Haunting Season shares his horrifying nightmare of the Ohno Man!

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Knowing My Nightmares S2-02: The Blue Phantom

A haunting phantom stalks the condensed streets of Elmhill Island, look for revenge, And her next victim.

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Knowing My Nightmares S2 - 01: The Lich

Within the woods, an ancient cemetery holds a dark power, and when unleashed wreaks havoc on the world.

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Knowing My Nightmares S1 - 15: Not For The Dinner Table and Dream Analysis

Knowing My Nightmares and Not For The Dinner Table Pocast get together to get spooky!

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Knowing My Nightmares S1-14: The Jorōgumo

Our nightmares are filled with vampires, demons, and monsters, but on Halloween our nightmares come to life, but instead of fearing the dark we celebrate it by trick or treating, except from the house where the monsters live.

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Knowing My Nightmares S1-13: The Wandering Travellers - Cults

It may seem like a good idea to join a group to help others, but sometimes those groups can change before you know it, and the next thing you know... Your in a cult. Listen to this thrilling story of a farmer tending to more than his crop.

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Knowing My Nightmares S1-12: Ouija

The realm of dreaming is often connected to the other side, and making yourself known to malicious entities isn't a good idea. Listen to this haunting story of tampering with a ouija board, and the consequences of contacting spirits.

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Knowing My Nightmares S1-11: Sleep Paralysis and The Nightmare - With The Scream Kings Podcast

I get together with the Scream Kings Podcast to discuss the mysteries of sleep paralysis. We also give our take on how we felt about the movie "The Nightmare".

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Knowing My Nightmares S1-10: The Slaughterhouse

I find myself trapped within a disgusting slaughterhouse, while being pursued by a homicidal maniac. The elements within this horrifying nightmare may be saying something about stress in the waking life.

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Knowing My Nightmares S1-09: The Banshee At My Window

Legends of the Irish Banshee are all to real when you are face to face with one in a nightmare. Listen to this haunting story of the horrific wailing Banshee that brings a message of impending death.

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Knowing My Nightmares S1-08: The Asylum

In this gruesome episode I'm thrown into a horrifying nightmare where I make my way through a terrifying Psychiatric Hospital, along side a strange character. The awful things we find within the hospital are nothing compared to the actual history of Psychiatric institutions.

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